Accounts Management Services

Accounts Management Services

Crypton Global Services offers a wide range of accounts management and payroll services to suit diverse customer needs. Choose us as your bookkeeping partner and get access to the various benefits that we offer.

Bookkeeping Support

a. Setting up/ updating chart of accounts and maintaining ledger accounts

b. Processing of customer invoices, receipts , sales orders and accounts receivable processing

c. Entry of purchases/expenses and accounts payable processing

d. Bank, credit card and merchant account reconciliation

e. Manual Journal Entry Services

f. Preparation of monthly and yearly financials-income statement and balance sheet

Accounts Receivable

Service Offering:
a. Customer Billing

b. Customer Aging

c. Cash Application Processing

d. Cash Forecasting & Reporting

a. Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

b. Reduce cash collection shortfalls

c. Reduce A/R adjustments and bad debt write-offs

d. Gain visibility into receivables transactions

Software Expertise

a. Quickbooks Accounting Software ( Desktop & Online )

b. Wave Accounting Software

c. Xero Accounting Software

d. Sage Accounting Software

e. Buildium ( Property Management Accounting Software)

f. AppFolio Property Manager

Virtual Accountant Services

a. Cuts down on office infrastructure expenses needed for in-house accountants

b. Eliminates the recruitment process of accountants and the issues related to it

c. Helps you to focus more on your core business than the accounting work of your company

d. Helps to utilize the saved amount on office infrastructure and recruitment to invest in important business activities and developments

e. Provides direct system’s services that have better knowledge of various business sectors

f. Saves time and money for training the accountants for your specific accounting needs


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