Accounts Payable

Spend Management | Invoice Processing | Vendor Management | Electronic Invoice Integration

Specialties We Serve:

Accurate, legible & timely payment processing

Specialties We Serve:

– Reduce processing costs

– Access invoice documents via the web

– Avoid late payment fees and penalties

– Never miss an early payment discount

– Avoid duplicate payments

– Eliminate the need for paper invoice storage

Invoice Processing:

If your invoice amount is not correct, then you might land up with a low score in your customer satisfaction metrics. It is very important to measure issues like volume of invoices very month, the time taken to process them, the people involved and other similar issues to ensure a high customer satisfaction score.

The best way to handle your invoice processing services is to outsource it. By outsourcing, you can not only save on a huge amount of money, but can also have access to a rich repository of skilled personnel without having to own them.

If you are looking for an experienced outsourcing provider who can handle your invoice processing work, then you have come to the right place. Choose Crypton Global Services as your invoice processing partner and give your business a competitive edge.

Crypton Global Services receives your invoices and checks the data to ensure that it is accurate. It then imports the data into your accounts payable system by using a file transfer protocol. We have the capacity to take up huge volumes of work. Our efficient process ensures complete accuracy in your invoice processing work.


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