Medical Billing Services

We understand that the revenue cycle management for medical practices has become more complicated than ever. With ever-changing insurance company policies, government policies, compliance regulations and healthcare reforms, it has become tough for physician billing service providers and medical billing agencies to keep pace. This results in incorrect or delayed filing of claims and poor reimbursements.

Specialties We Serve:

– Chiropractic

– Lab Billing

– Cardiology

– Internal Medicine

– Infectious Disease


– Optometrist

– Oncology

– Physical Therapy

– Dental


– Orthopedic

– Family Medicine

– Acupuncture

– Podiatry

– Radiology

– Pharmacy Billing

Our process is defined in such a way that we do not miss out on any step so no money is left uncollected. Crypton Global Services works with a unique process workflow combined with smarter analytics and smarter technology celebrating 14 years of care taking experience.

Proven Process: As medical billing specialists, we rely on the proven combination of our billing footsteps check and expert staff to get 99% of your claims paid. We make your medical billing & coding process easier. We’re dedicated to help you optimize your medical billing collections so you get paid what you deserve.

Improved Outcomes: We improve performance and bring a new level of effectiveness for practices and our partner medical billing companies. With our partner practice management software’s cloud-based model, start-up costs are low, updates are free, and there are no ongoing maintenance costs. We at Crypton Global Services provide health insurance billing and insight for your practice on continuous basis.

Full Control Over Your Data: We are one of the leading medical billing agencies with accurate insurance claims processing that gives you full control of your data. We provide web based real time access; With an internet connection you can access your data from anywhere, anytime and in any computer by 24 hours and 7 days in week.

Lower Claim Rejection Rate: With Crypton Global Services you can get the funds more swiftly because majority of insurance claims submitted by us are paid on first submission. Also you will have less unpaid insurance claims because we have one of the lowest rejection rates in the industry.

Updates On Insurance Rules: As a competitive industry, medical practices face infinite challenges and disturbances. We always keep regular updates in medical billing about latest rules and changes so we can keep our clients updated.

Accelerated Cash Flow: At Crypton Global Services we have well educated, trained, experienced and dedicated employees of medical billing collection, known as a specialist of medical claims and billing and are always updated with latest technology and software. Crypton Global Services aim is to help save your valuable time which you can exploit on your patients and increase your cash flow.

Effective Communication: Among medical billing service provider and medical practices, there must be an effectual and clear communication and it is the key to obtain successful results. Crypton Global Services has therefore always maintained an open and transparent two-way communication process.

Services and Advantage:

Easy and speedy Reimbursement, average return in 14 days

Accelerated billing process at competitive rates

Full Integration with EHR

Individual and personalized attention

Practice Management System Included

Identifying underpaid claims and underpayments

Lower Claims Rejections, average rejection rate of 2%

E&M guideline based billing

One Touch Eligibility Verification & Chart Set-Up

Analyzing aging reports

Real-Time Reporting

Primary & Secondary Billing/Rebilling

24/7 Web-Based Access, Cloud based software

Increased cash flow

Dynamic Online Scheduler


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